About as close to 14er yoga as we could get that day.  Where’d the trail go? Oh right, under the 6 foot snow drift.


A morning stop at La Playa Ventana and then off to Manuel Antonio National Park.  We found ourselves on a secluded beach to end our trip and first experience with true tropical yoga.

Easily the most spectacular scene and setting on our trip.  Amazing weather, not another soul for miles, and the golden hour for yoga.

One of the most active volcanoes in the world…the Earth’s version of Mountain Pose.

La Catarata de Fortuna.  There’s a strange paradox in the serenity of waterfalls given their immense power.  Either way, it was easily one of our favorite yoga spots!

We went to the Ama Tierra Retreat and Welness Center that some distant friends owned on our first day of our Costa Rica adventure.  We found the perfect spot for some Yoga in the outdoor studio with surrounding wildlife in abundance.

Found a perfect opportunity to do the crane pose at a statue of a crane . . .

We found a very unique opportunity to do some Yoga at The Masters at Augusta National . . . we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to do some Yoga poses at the most amazing golf course in the world!

After climbing the 192 stairs, this is a nice way to cool down!

Found the perfect sign at Denver International Airport to do the Airplane pose . . . certainly amused several of the folks in the waiting area.

Don’t get many opportunities to do the airplane pose right next to an airplane you are getting ready to board.   We were leaving Durango to head back to Denver.