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Yoga is the perfect culmination to a 27 km hike which started at midnight at the base of the 11,400 ft. Volcan Baru.  After hiking for over 4 hours, we were rewarded with a beautiful sunrise, view of both coastlines, and of course some revitalizing yoga.


Thanks to the local tourist guide Tuca, we found ourselves with an amazing view of Santa Fe…Panama that is.

Took advantage of the beautiful early summer Colorado weather in the mountains to do a backpacking trip to Mount Harvard (4th highest peak in the lower 48).

Found some amazing backdrops to do some yoga poses.

A cloudless day in the Tetons was a perfect opportunity to do some yoga!  After a freak hailstorm on Friday was followed by a couple cloudless days over the weekend.

After hiking 4.5 miles and climbing more than 2,100 feet we finally made it to Beartracks Lakes in Mt. Evans Wilderness.  We ate a much needed lunch and it gave us the energy to do some yoga in such an amazing setting.  Lets just say that we didn’t exactly stay dry!

About as close to 14er yoga as we could get that day.  Where’d the trail go? Oh right, under the 6 foot snow drift.

After climbing the 192 stairs, this is a nice way to cool down!

-18 degree temperatures in Breckenridge didn’t stop us from doing some Yoga poses in the frigid temperatures .

After the Grouse Grind in North Vancouver, there’s few ways to better rejuvenate.

After the grueling hike up the Grouse Grind, we had a well deserved beer to get us prepared for our Yoga session . . .

When you’re an hour behind due to a September frost delay and on the fairway staring at the three peaks in Silverthorne, it’s a good time for yoga!